Heartbroken little girl…

The next door neighbour’s dog died a while ago now. Leilah keeps asking why we can’t go and see it anymore.

I explained to her, of course, what happened when people/animals get too old and pass away. It didn’t seem to click so I bought a book online called, “I’ll always love you”. It is about a little boy who loses his best friend (a dog named Alfie) to old age. It’s written by the perpective of the little boy. I think it’s a really nice but sad story.

Tonight she requested this book and seemed fine afterwards. But when I took her to bed she started bawling and asking me why the little dog died and how we could see the dog again. I tried explaining that once you die you go to heaven. I said that the person/animal will always be in your heart and if you wanted to talk to them you just need to close your eyes and they will be with you. The poor little mite though was so heartbroken about the little dog dying in the book 😦

She is such a sensitive little soul at times…


A story of a broken leg…

Another game of Doctors which left me in a fit of giggles…

Leilah: Hello, what is wrong with you today?
Me: Oh, I was riding my bike and I tripped over a lost dog. I think I broke my leg.
Leilah: Oh, that sucks. I think you need to do a big poo and you will feel better!!!


Ok then, somehow I don’t quite get the connection but wouldn’t it be lovely if that is all you needed to do to cure a broken leg?!?


A new focus…

I have decided to focus my blogging now on little stories that my kids tell me instead of what is happening in our daily lives.

I am pretty sure these won’t be of interest to anybody else but my family and myself but I want a record of all the cute and funny stories that kids come out with. When they are older I will then make this blog into a book. The memories I have of the little things in life will soon be forgotten no doubt but this way I will always have a record.

If you want to follow me and read along, I hope you enjoy 🙂

If not, I completely understand 🙂