Ton Ton Ton Anpanman!

Haha, this will only be of interest to people who speak Japanese and are familiar with Anpanman…

For the last 6 months I have been taking Leilah to a Rhythmic Class once a month. One of the songs they sing is, とんとんとんアンパンマン.

As you all know Leilah doesn’t have any Japanese yet besides a word here and there but recently she has really taken to this song. She sings it all the time…

Well, her version anyway….XD

Ton ton ton ANPANMAN
ton ton ton SHOKU ANPANMAN
ton ton ton CURRY ANPANMAN
ton ton ton DOKINCHAN.

ton ton ton VIKING MAN

I can’t help but laugh. She is so cute when she sings it! Especially the curry anpanman and shoku anpanman parts XD


Already having issues about being ‘half’…

Today while we were eating our spaghetti Leilah was telling me that on Peppa Pig the characters always slurp their spaghetti and then laugh about it.

I told her, like I always do, that in our family slurping is considered rude and we don’t do it. She told me that Japanese people do and I said yes they do. Leilah then said luckily we are Australian and we don’t hey, mummy!

It was at this point that I said to her that she is Japanese too. She is extremely lucky because she gets to be both Australian and Japanese. I explained to her the best I could why that is the case and why daddy is only Japanese and mummy is only Australian. We have had this conversation many times and generally she just takes it in her stride. Naoki and I both try to make sure we put a positive edge on being half Japanese/half Australian…

But tonight she got tears in her eyes and told me, “Mummy, but I don’t want to be both. I just want to be one” 😦

I am sure I am going to have to deal with similar conversations the older she gets (and probably even more difficult ones) but with all my heart I want her to embrace both of her cultural backgrounds and love the person she is because without a doubt, I do!!!


All I want for Christmas…

Tonight in the bath I was fishing for ideas for Leilah for Christmas.

I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said some new earrings. I don’t know why because she hates getting her earrings changed and actually sneakily threw out a few sets so I wouldn’t be able to (!!). I do admit though she is getting better so maybe a new set is just the way to go!

After asking what else she would like for Christmas she told me she wanted a tiny little bike. She has a bike here and mum has bought her one in Australia so I was curious to why she wanted another bike. Her reply?

“Because Kai-Kai is getting bigger now and soon his tricycle will be too small. So I want him to be able to have a new bike”…

I need to remember these times. I know it’s not going to last forever!!



Hairy Toes

I could hear Leilah giggling to herself in the playroom this afternoon.

I listened for a while waiting for it to die down but it seemed to get worse.

I went in and asked what was so funny…

In the midst of her giggling she managed to spit out, “I HAVE HAIRS ON MY BIG TOE” and then continue to piss herself laughing.


Yes honey you do have hairs on your big toes. Not sure if everyone does but it runs in the family. Sorry…


Kids can be really embarrassing at times!!

We had a friend come to stay this week and we all had a wonderful time together.

A couple of different conversations happened that I don’t want to forget… Apologises to my friend (although I do have permission to post this)!!

A conversation in the bathroom between Leilah and a friend:

Leilah: Your bum is too big to fit on the toilet seat. Can you go the toilet ok?!?
Friend: …

Out of the mouth of babes and all that, right? But seriously *hides head in my shirt from embarrassment*

The next conversation happened after getting out of the shower:
Leilah: Mummy, why do some people say ‘Penis’? They should call it a doodle…
Me: Some times there are different words for the same thing honey!
Leilah: So does that mean penis is Japanese then?


Why questions

Leilah has asked ‘why’ questions for as long as I can remember her talking…

Tonight she has started to bring out the difficult ‘why’ questions but luckily science loving daddy was home and could answer them for her no worries at all. I think I will be needing google on hand every day from now on to answer all of her questions XD

Today’s questions were all about the sky:
1) Why are clouds white?
2) Why is the sky blue?
3) Why are the clouds grey when it is rainy?
4) Why is the sky pink tonight? (We have a beautiful sunset tonight…)

What is the hardest ‘why’ question you have ever been asked?


Peppa Pig – good or bad?

Both of my kids are the biggest Peppa Pig fans ever. I mean, seriously… It is the only DVD that Kai will watch. Not only does he watch it but he laughs and giggles at all the appropriate places. Leilah chooses to watch it every single day, she role-plays the different episodes with me but the worst part of it is she copies things that Peppa says… I’m beginning to wonder if it a good program to be letting the kids watch or not XD

The one that really infuriates me? And I will admit it was funny the first, the second and even probably the third time. Now though when it is said at ever meal when she served something she doesn’t like it didn’t sit right with me.

“Mummy, this is YUCK! It tastes like carpet flavoured YOGHURT!”

How would YOU like to hear that at dinner every night?