Ton Ton Ton Anpanman!

Haha, this will only be of interest to people who speak Japanese and are familiar with Anpanman…

For the last 6 months I have been taking Leilah to a Rhythmic Class once a month. One of the songs they sing is, とんとんとんアンパンマン.

As you all know Leilah doesn’t have any Japanese yet besides a word here and there but recently she has really taken to this song. She sings it all the time…

Well, her version anyway….XD

Ton ton ton ANPANMAN
ton ton ton SHOKU ANPANMAN
ton ton ton CURRY ANPANMAN
ton ton ton DOKINCHAN.

ton ton ton VIKING MAN

I can’t help but laugh. She is so cute when she sings it! Especially the curry anpanman and shoku anpanman parts XD


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