Already having issues about being ‘half’…

Today while we were eating our spaghetti Leilah was telling me that on Peppa Pig the characters always slurp their spaghetti and then laugh about it.

I told her, like I always do, that in our family slurping is considered rude and we don’t do it. She told me that Japanese people do and I said yes they do. Leilah then said luckily we are Australian and we don’t hey, mummy!

It was at this point that I said to her that she is Japanese too. She is extremely lucky because she gets to be both Australian and Japanese. I explained to her the best I could why that is the case and why daddy is only Japanese and mummy is only Australian. We have had this conversation many times and generally she just takes it in her stride. Naoki and I both try to make sure we put a positive edge on being half Japanese/half Australian…

But tonight she got tears in her eyes and told me, “Mummy, but I don’t want to be both. I just want to be one” 😦

I am sure I am going to have to deal with similar conversations the older she gets (and probably even more difficult ones) but with all my heart I want her to embrace both of her cultural backgrounds and love the person she is because without a doubt, I do!!!


2 thoughts on “Already having issues about being ‘half’…

  1. Yep, we have had this a lot too … Same as Perogyo, my son has said he wants to only be Japanese. It breaks my heart 😦 But I just keep on reminding him of all the benefits of having two cultures/languages – there are so many, but as kids the important ones are things like getting to celebrate the holidays and festivals of both … he finds it hard to say he wants to be Japanese only when I remind him of what Christmas in England is like 😉

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