Peppa Pig – good or bad?

Both of my kids are the biggest Peppa Pig fans ever. I mean, seriously… It is the only DVD that Kai will watch. Not only does he watch it but he laughs and giggles at all the appropriate places. Leilah chooses to watch it every single day, she role-plays the different episodes with me but the worst part of it is she copies things that Peppa says… I’m beginning to wonder if it a good program to be letting the kids watch or not XD

The one that really infuriates me? And I will admit it was funny the first, the second and even probably the third time. Now though when it is said at ever meal when she served something she doesn’t like it didn’t sit right with me.

“Mummy, this is YUCK! It tastes like carpet flavoured YOGHURT!”

How would YOU like to hear that at dinner every night?


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