I love you

Today was a hard day. It started off a lot earlier than I would have liked and by 8am every person in the house was sleepy and grumpy…

Kai went down for a nap just after 12pm and I insisted Leilah lay down too. I was desperate for a nap but could only for do if she had a nap as well. Luckily for all of us she did and I was able to nap for about 1 hour. I felt so much better afterwards.

We went for a walk after Kai woke up and the conversation I had with Leilah made my day the best…

Leilah: Mummy, I love you.
Me: I LOVE you…
Leilah: Mummy, you need to say, I love you TOO!
Me: Ok, I love you too, Leilah.
Leilah: I love you the most in world.
Me: Me too, possum.
Leilah: I love you this much, this much, this much (whilst opening her hands as wide as she could!)…

Leilah Kate, you are the sweetest little girl I know ❤
I love you, baby girl!


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