Why questions

Leilah has asked ‘why’ questions for as long as I can remember her talking…

Tonight she has started to bring out the difficult ‘why’ questions but luckily science loving daddy was home and could answer them for her no worries at all. I think I will be needing google on hand every day from now on to answer all of her questions XD

Today’s questions were all about the sky:
1) Why are clouds white?
2) Why is the sky blue?
3) Why are the clouds grey when it is rainy?
4) Why is the sky pink tonight? (We have a beautiful sunset tonight…)

What is the hardest ‘why’ question you have ever been asked?


Peppa Pig – good or bad?

Both of my kids are the biggest Peppa Pig fans ever. I mean, seriously… It is the only DVD that Kai will watch. Not only does he watch it but he laughs and giggles at all the appropriate places. Leilah chooses to watch it every single day, she role-plays the different episodes with me but the worst part of it is she copies things that Peppa says… I’m beginning to wonder if it a good program to be letting the kids watch or not XD

The one that really infuriates me? And I will admit it was funny the first, the second and even probably the third time. Now though when it is said at ever meal when she served something she doesn’t like it didn’t sit right with me.

“Mummy, this is YUCK! It tastes like carpet flavoured YOGHURT!”

How would YOU like to hear that at dinner every night?


I love you

Today was a hard day. It started off a lot earlier than I would have liked and by 8am every person in the house was sleepy and grumpy…

Kai went down for a nap just after 12pm and I insisted Leilah lay down too. I was desperate for a nap but could only for do if she had a nap as well. Luckily for all of us she did and I was able to nap for about 1 hour. I felt so much better afterwards.

We went for a walk after Kai woke up and the conversation I had with Leilah made my day the best…

Leilah: Mummy, I love you.
Me: I LOVE you…
Leilah: Mummy, you need to say, I love you TOO!
Me: Ok, I love you too, Leilah.
Leilah: I love you the most in world.
Me: Me too, possum.
Leilah: I love you this much, this much, this much (whilst opening her hands as wide as she could!)…

Leilah Kate, you are the sweetest little girl I know ❤
I love you, baby girl!


Heartbroken little girl…

The next door neighbour’s dog died a while ago now. Leilah keeps asking why we can’t go and see it anymore.

I explained to her, of course, what happened when people/animals get too old and pass away. It didn’t seem to click so I bought a book online called, “I’ll always love you”. It is about a little boy who loses his best friend (a dog named Alfie) to old age. It’s written by the perpective of the little boy. I think it’s a really nice but sad story.

Tonight she requested this book and seemed fine afterwards. But when I took her to bed she started bawling and asking me why the little dog died and how we could see the dog again. I tried explaining that once you die you go to heaven. I said that the person/animal will always be in your heart and if you wanted to talk to them you just need to close your eyes and they will be with you. The poor little mite though was so heartbroken about the little dog dying in the book 😦

She is such a sensitive little soul at times…


A story of a broken leg…

Another game of Doctors which left me in a fit of giggles…

Leilah: Hello, what is wrong with you today?
Me: Oh, I was riding my bike and I tripped over a lost dog. I think I broke my leg.
Leilah: Oh, that sucks. I think you need to do a big poo and you will feel better!!!


Ok then, somehow I don’t quite get the connection but wouldn’t it be lovely if that is all you needed to do to cure a broken leg?!?